Please review our FAQs for any questions you might have. If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to us at

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

You may use our Chat Box or send email to:

Please include your order number and date of order.

How long does shipping usually take?

We do our best to ship out your order as soon as we receive it. Typically, your order is sent out the day we receive it Monday-Friday. If your order is received after 4PM on a business day, over the weekend or a holiday, it is shipped the next available business day.

How do I enter a personal message for my order?

To enter a personal message to your order,  go to your cart and at the bottom of an item in your cart is a box to add a personalized message.

NOTE: Your personal message is handwritten onto one of our cards and placed in the box with your order.

Does Hawaii Fudge ship internationally?

Currently The Hawaii Fudge Company is available in the US. We are looking into the possibility of shipping Worldwide. The service is not offered at this time.

How can I get a God Box?

Your God box is free with the purchase of a pound of fudge (4 pieces)

You may choose from the following choices:


Forging Fire – Pele

Frozen Mantle – Poli’ahu

Origin – Papa & Wakea

Please type your chosen God box at the bottom of an item in your cart to add any notes.

Can I purchase a God Box?

Yes, you may purchase a gift box separately.  The God boxes for purchase are located on the Gifts page.

Do I receive a Tracking Number for my order(s)?

When your order is shipped you receive an email with your USPS tracking number. You may go to the USPS website to track your order for updates.

Alert: Due to limited transportation availability as a result of nationwide COVID-19 impacts, package delivery times may be extended.


What is the best way to contact Hawaii Fudge?

You may use our Chat Box or send email to:

Why do I need to provide an email address with my order?

It is important for you to provide an email address with your order to help us contact you with any issues pertaining to your order, if any and for USPS tracking purposes.

From where does the product ship?

Our packages are shipped from the beautiful Island of Maui.

Decadent Island Flavors...From Our Shore To Your Door

What do I do if the shipping address I provided, is incorrect?

You are responsible to provide the correct shipping address with your order. Please provide the correct address as soon as you are aware there is a mistake. You are responsible to provide the correct information The Hawaii Fudge Company is not responsible to replace an order with incorrect information.

However, if the package was delivered to the incorrect address provided, you may have a new package sent to the correct address at a 30% discount.