What makes The Hawaii Fudge Company so great?

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The Hawaii Fudge Company is Hawaii’s premier confectionery company commanding the coveted Best of Maui Chocolatier 2016 award from Maui Magazine and winning countless competitions in the Americas and Pacific Rim.  

Made in small batches like a homemade fudge toffee or caramel would be — with love and care for every piece.  Each bite affirms the fact that The Hawaii Fudge Company provides our discriminating clientele with the finest and freshest ingredients and the worlds’ best tastes.

With the steady Hawaiian climate, rich volcanic soil and plentiful clean rainfall, our fudge, toffee and caramel are consistently fantastic and have a longer shelf life of about 10 weeks. Our Fudgeologists like to share their secret of tasting our fudge in a very thin “scraping” of the spoon across the top for a bigger burst of flavor on the palate.

For a fun experience place about a teaspoon full into your coffee and stir it up!  But - most of our “Fudge Addicts” just happily bite in! Transport yourself to the fertile valleys and peaks of Hawaii, inhale the warmth from the sea air, and bite into your memories of tropical nights with The Hawaii Fudge Company's Gourmet Fudge, Toffee and Caramel.  

Great Taste that Tastes Great — From Hawaii. Peace, Love, Fudge!